Hawkins wins Award

Hawkins Wins Two National Awards Of Excellence

We’re proud to report that Hawkins Electric Service took home two IEC National Awards of Excellence in Electrical Construction during the IEC convention earlier in November in Tampa, Fla.

Hawkins won in both the Service and Electrical Construction categories.

Hawkins won the Service award because “the customer experience … begins with friendly, knowledgeable people on the phone and is followed up with a promise of 100 percent satisfaction and a phone call to verify the job was completed as promised,” the IEC said in the news release announcing the award.

“Their empowered electricians think outside of the box while maintaining the NEC code, addressing safety concerns, and keeping the customer satisfied,” said Thayer Long, IEC’s national executive vice president and CEO.

The IEC recognized Hawkins for electrical construction on the strength of our work on the Pike 3400 project at Glebe Road and Columbia Pike in Arlington, Va. Pike 3400 is a six-floor, mixed-use building with a total of almost 397,000 square feet. It includes multi-family units, retail, underground parking and unique amenities, such as a pool with fire pits and a dog park on the roof.

Hawkins “dealt with many issues on this large scale job and were able to successfully complete the unique work with high quality,” Long said.

For a complete list of this year’s IEC National Awards of Excellence in Electrical Construction, visit the award page on the IEC’s website. (link: http://www.ieci.org/awards/annual-award-winners)

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