We Solve Problems Before They Start

Electrical systems, and their many component parts, do not last forever.  However, regular maintenance can lengthen the life of your system as well as prevent costly, inconvenient and unsafe failures.  Often, we find that an inexpensive replacement part can prevent the failure of much more expensive components – while preventing an emergency.

Our qualified, experienced electricians will inspect your entire system, looking for mechanical wear, material deterioration, performance issues, aging components and any potential safety hazards.  Problem areas can be addressed immediately, or an appropriate action plan will be developed.

Our electricians bring a large selection of common replacement parts and materials with them, so that many repairs can be made immediately.

We provide a full report of our findings for future reference, and leave your system in perfect working order – and we leave you with peace of mind.

Regular preventative maintenance is not expensive and will save thousands in repair, replacement and downtime costs.

Call us and we’ll schedule a preventative maintenance visit today.