Quality Electrical Wiring for new Construction

Hawkins Electric Service provides professional new home construction, and renovation wiring services.  With over 90 years experience, and all the expertise and resources it takes to do the job right, from start to finish, Hawkins Electric Service is well-positioned to live up to our 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

We are well known as a dependable partner for high quality projects, and we are fiercely proud of our ability to be good on our word and get the job done.

Many of our projects have been featured in architectural, lifestyle and home design magazines and media.  A few representative projects can be viewed on this page.

Unlock Your Home’s Potential

Whether you want to turn your basement into a family room, move a teenager into the attic space or upgrade your kitchen, you will be adding value to your investment, expanding living space and making your home more comfortable for your family.

Hawkins Electric Service can handle any upgrade to your electrical system, including small jobs, such as adding an appliance or TV, or completely wiring a basement or new kitchen.

When you’re considering how to remodel, have one of our expert, professional technicians come out to take a look.  We will answer questions or make suggestions concerning any aspect of your electrical system.  We’ll make sure your wiring is unobtrusive, is of the right type and that your outlets and controls are appropriate for your project.  And we’ll give you the confidence to get started.