Do You Need an Emergency Electrician?

Do You Need an Emergency Electrician?

Do you think you need immediate electrical help at your home? Here is the Hawkins quick guide to emergency electrical issues:

1. If you believe there is a safety issue, call an electrician now.

Hawkins has a 24-hour, toll-free number: 1-877-927-0900 (press 9 when you reach the automated answering service). You will reach a live operator no matter when you call, and we will get an electrician to your home within an hour.

Many other electrical companies offer 24-hour emergency services, too. To save you time, here are the Google search result pages for 24-hour emergency electricians in Washington D.C. and Baltimore:

Washington D.C. (

Baltimore (

2. Hawkins charges $210 for the first half hour of emergency service and $105 for each half hour after that. Most problems can be fixed within 60 minutes, and even when they can’t, we almost always can make sure the home is safe and provide an estimate for the remaining work within an hour.Jason Scribner Hawkins Electric
Jason Scribner, Hawkins Electric Service’s service manager.

3. When there is not a pressing safety issue – power is out on one floor of a home, for instance – customers often decide between scheduling emergency service and paying more, or waiting for a standard appointment and paying less. For non-emergency service, Hawkins can usually schedule a technician to get to your home on the next business day.

4. Hawkins’ 24-hour emergency line is usually staffed by our service manager, Jason Scribner. If you call with an after-hours emergency, you’ll first talk to an operator at a call center who will ask you to describe the problem you’re having. Then the operator will transfer your call to a Hawkins staffer, usually Jason.

Among customers and Hawkins staff, Jason is known for his friendly demeanor and willingness to help. He often gives customers his home phone number in case they have further questions.

If you’re curious, Jason says his most memorable night on the job came on June 29, 2012. That was the night of the derecho, and it produced 15 to 18 calls in the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning.

If you feel you might need emergency electrical service, call Hawkins at 1-877-927-0900 ASAP, and press 9 when you reach the automated answering service.

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